Ambetter Health Insurance for Georgia Individuals

In Georgia Ambetter offers individual and family health insurance plans designed to meet your personal needs and budget. Ambetter health insurance - a Peach State health Plan is one of the most affordable healthcare choices for individuals and families in Georgia.

Ambetter Health Insurance Products

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Ambetter Secure Care - Gold Level

Ambetter Secure Care offers the highest level of benefits for 2019. Benefit highlights include $15 PCP visits and an affordable member deductible of $1,250. This plan would be a good choice if you anticipate frequent doctor visits and want to limit your out of pocket costs.

Ambetter Secure Care Product Brochures:

Ambetter Secure Care 5
Ambetter Secure Care 5 SBC

Ambetter Balance Care - Silver Level

Ambetter Balanced Care offers affordable health insurance for Georgia individuals and families. Benefits include unlimited office visit copayments to either a PCP or Specialist in network. This plan would be a good choice if you want a more affordable monthly premium while still maintaining access to doctors with copayments.

Ambetter Balanced Care Product Brochures:

Ambetter Balanced Care 1
Ambetter Balanced Care 1 SBC

Ambetter Balanced Care 4
Ambetter Balanced Care 4 SBC

Ambetter Balanced Care 11
Ambetter Balanced Care 11 SBC

Ambetter Balanced Care 12
Ambetter Balanced Care 12 SBC

Ambetter Balanced Care 15
Ambetter Balanced Care 15 SBC


Ambetter Essential Care - Bronze Level

Ambetter Essential Care plans offer the most affordable premiums for individuals in Georgia. The Essential Care benefits have the member deductible apply to most healthcare services, while still providing first dollar benefits for Annual Well Visits. Ambetter Essential Care policies options include HSA qualified high deductible health plans.

Ambetter Essential Care Brochures:

Ambetter Essential Care 1
Ambetter Essential Care 1 SBC

Ambetter Essential Care 2 HSA
Ambetter Essential Care 2 HSA SBC