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About Us

This Georgia Health Insurance web site is maintained by Beneplans - a fully licensed Health Insurance Agency located in the city of Suwanee in Gwinnett County Georgia. We strive to be a valuable resource for Georgia residents and to make it easy to buy health insurance. Our agents have helped clients for over twenty years! Give us a call - we will do our best to help you find affordable health insurance in Georgia.

Our services

We provide health insurance quotes and guidance to help you select the most appropriate best health plan for your budget. To save yourself a lot of time and aggravation go ahead and call us for a free custom personal proposal. We often hear "I should have contacted you first"!

Our fees

We do not charge our individual or small group clients any fees. We earn our income in the form of commissions from the insurance companies, which are built into the premium amount you pay and add no extra cost to your health insurance policy.

Our rates

Health Insurance rates in Georgia are regulated by the Georgia Department of Insurance. This means that you will pay the same premium for your health insurance policy whether you purchase it through us, another agent or directly from the insurance carrier.

Why us

By working with Health Plans of Georgia you will have a personal contact to assist you with all services related to your Georgia health insurance. With all of the options available from each carrier today, and the impact of healthcare reform, the smart choice is to work with an independent agent - remember our services are free of charge so contact us and let's get started today!


Steven McClelland
Owner - health insurance agent since 1989
GA license #408175

Steven McClelland